Joe Russo, říjen, listopad 2022 | ENGLISHstay

As an educator, for over 35 years, at the university level, this English program is outstanding. I am fascinated at how the adult students bond to the assignments. All while demonstrating an excitement in expressing their thoughts, and the students talk freely when they are posed with new questions. All in the spirit of practicing their English. Students interact with English speakers from the moment they leave their hotel room, over breakfast, during the morning activities, at lunch, during afternoon activities, at dinner, even after dinner during activity time. You can see their progress throughout the day and week. This unique program is extremely fun, full of emotions, and so very unique. It is run professionally by Tom and his staff which do a professional job. At the end of the week, English improves, memories are made, and new friendships are made. It is a sad time when we must bid each other farewell.

Joe Russo