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Who are the participants of the program?


Our intensive program is ideal for inquisitive and socially competent people. Keep in mind that you will be talking to different people from all over the world throughout the day (up to 12 hours a day / 6 days – a total of 70 hours). Our program is designed for people who like different cultures, education and encounters with foreigners.

We can recommend this intensive English speaking program to anyone who wants to visibly improve their knowledge of English in a short period of time. Participants are persons over 18 years of age, who want to educate and improve their English, or even professionals and participants who use English every day for presentations and jobs and like to meet native speakers. Individual lessons provide the opportunity to talk with lecturers on any topic you choos. Whether you are a longtime executive or a student planning to pursue your future career. Our participants are people from 18+.


Program participants


Participants in our program are mostly from medium and large companies, entrepreneurs, tradesmen, traders, doctors, lawyers and travelers who have to and want to actively use English for everyday needs. However, there are also a large number of individual participants who are learning English privately, high school and university students, language school students. Traditional lessons focuse only on grammar, language theory, and forget about speaking in English. Because of the inability to use English, spoken English, it is difficult to develop proper communication. A total of 6 days will enable all participants to meet other cultures in one place and without traveling to miles distant places. This common atmosphere eliminates cultural differences, creating a space with the accent of an English-speaking world right here in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe.


English speaking native speakers


For our program, we carefully choose and invite our native speakers, from different countries of the world. They help the participants in the program as much as possible with the development of their language skills. They are people from different cultures, with different experiences, their native language is only English. This individual experience of our native speakers is a benefit for every participant. You hear so many kinds of English in one place, like anywhere else.


For native speakers from the English-speaking world, it is a very important and unique opportunity to come to our country, to know our culture, rich history, local customs, and help all participants improve their language skills. During the whole stay we can present to our dear guests the rich culture of the Central European region, uncover our friendly face, our rich experience and knowledge, and place our position in international relationships.


For 6 days, a total of 70 hours, we will spend in an English-speaking company. This environment will eventually stop being frightening, and on the contrary, provide you with confidence that you can share with other participants. More than 90% of the participants are convinced that their spoken English is much smoother than after participation in language schools. And that’s our goal! There is where you can make mistakes, in spoken or written form, and everyone will help you repair them. It’s also the last time you make these mistakes. Thanks to individual communication, you have 6 days, almost 12 hours a day, to clarify how to say and write English correctly.


By being prohibited from speaking your own language, with the exception of English with other participants in the program, each participant will improve his/her knowledge of English in a meaningful way. We will support this process by selecting your chosen themes. You have a unique opportunity with native speakers to try: “to ask for a higher salary, order a room in the hotel, talk in English, or just go for a lunch with a native speaker.” We will simulate the most common situations of real life every second.


Our native speakers from many English-speaking countries are involved in our program. Only by intensive communication with these participants you can listen to many kinds of accents and expression Your speaking skills and knowledge of English will evolve much faster than before. With 6 days spent in the hotel’s friendly atmosphere with native speakers, you can naturally engage in English as the native speakers use English every day of their lives. You have a unique opportunity to make an informal, working or social conversation and make many new friends.

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