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Reference od Bernarda Hunta, dlouholetý reportér REUTERS a Daily Telegraph, USA

Bernard HuntENGLISHstay: August 16-21, 2020 at Pension Selský Dvůr, close to Spa city Františkovy Lázně, Czech RepublicVery rewarding, for...

Časově omezená nabídka! – prodej jazykových pobytů!

Časově omezená nabídka!Zakupte si intenzivní kurz angličtiny s rodilými mluvčími pořádaný v sezoně 2021 bez DPH!  Vyberte a objednejte v...

BONUS od ENGLISHstay – konverzace s rodilým mluvčím ZDARMA!

Vyzkoušejte si komunikaci s rodilými mluvčími už nyní! ZDARMA Vám nabízíme komunikaci s několika rodilými mluvčími, podle Vašeho výběru....

STAHUJTE! 6 + 1 jeden tip, jak se jednoduše rozmluvit anglicky!

Chtěli byste se rozmluvit anglicky?[maxbutton id="1" url="https://www.englishstay.cz/rozvazeme-vam-jazyk/" text="Okamžitý přístup k PDF...

Certifikát spokojenosti od studentů z www.Jazykovky.cz!

Přečtete si naše reference i od studentů z www.Jazykovky.cz!Stáhnout zde!Váš Tým ENGLISHstay

Rodilí mluvčí na Moravě – dobře dostupné ze Slovenska.

Přidejte se k rodilým mluvčím a odjeďte z Hlavního nádraží v Praze, do pohádkové oblasti jižní Moravy.Malebná Telč s majestátným hradem,...

Letní kurz angličtiny s rodilými mluvčími v Česku. Rozmluvte se anglicky už v létě!

Milí příznivci angličtiny,ENGLISHstay Vám poskytne během 6 denního pobytu 70 hodin individuální výuky angličtiny s rodilými mluvčími....

PŘÍMĚSTSKÝ TÁBOR S ENGLISHstay pro děti od 7 do 14 let, se základní znalostí angličtiny. 2021 ZRUŠEN

PŘÍMĚSTSKÝ TÁBOR S ENGLISHstay pro děti od 7 do 14 let, se základní znalostí angličtiny. srpen  - 23. 8. - 27. 8. 2021    Caravan...

Wollen Sie die Ferien im Goldenen Prag erleben und englisch anfangen zu sprechen?

Wollen Sie die Ferien im Goldenen Prag erleben und englisch anfangen zu sprechen?Sie haben endlich die Gelegenheit, Eins zu Eins mit einem...

Do you want to spend a holiday in the Golden Prague and speak fluently English in Bohemia? One on one sessions with a native speakers!

Do you want to spend a holiday in the Golden Prague and speak fluently English in Bohemia?You finally have the opportunity to talk in one...

What is ENGLISHstay

Intensive English with native speaker More than 70 hours of teaching in the system 1 student + 1 native speaker. This unique tutorial is fully tailored to your needs and gets 100% attention from an English lecturer.


English in a week

ENGLISHstay is an intensive language stay where you can speak only in English. For 6 days (70 hours), you will stay in contact with native speakers from around the world. You will gain confidence by listening to English from all around the world.


Who are the participants

Each student converse with the lecturer on a one-on-one session, we can recommend anyone who wants to visibly improve their English language knowledge in a short period of time. ENGLISHstay courses are for participants over 18 years old.



Jeannine Thurnburg: “After the initial embarrassment on Sundays and Mondays, when I thought I could do it somehow – I’m excited about it! It was a great week with great people, and I did not smile like this week in the last year. .. “


What is ENGLISHstay?

Týdenní pobytové kurzy angličtiny s rodilým mluvčímWe are a young Czech nonprofit company, offering English speaking programs in ONE ON ONE SESSIONS with English native speakers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We use a unique model that is spread all over the world.

Come to discover golden Prague and join our intensive stay in English in the center of Europe! Enjoy a week with native speakers in our 1-1 system (one native speaker one participant) in a conversation using the program called “I’m not afraid, I want to speakfluently“. The maximum care and attention from the lecturer is 100% guaranteed!

Do you need a vacation to clear your head? Have you ever wondered how to combine a week-long relaxation stay with a quality of Czech hotels (* with wellness) with an intensive English conversation with ENGLISH speaking native speakers?

Our programs are near Prague, Czech-German, Czech-Austrian border and in Moravia. Now it is not necessary to travelin to England, Ireland or Malta. We will bring you English speaking native speakers here to the real heart of Europe.

English program takes 6 days and min. 70 hours of conversation that you spend with lecturers from USA, Canada, Australia and Great Britain, a tine hotel with accommodation and full board. During this time, you will enjoy a lot of fun and social and leisure activities without a boring time in school! You will improve conversation but also English grammar. Everyone gets the word!

And not only that. After a few days you will not even know the difference whether you think in English or in your own language. Confirmed from our own experience and our student experiences.

Go with us to improve your English and finally talk! You will learn without stress and in an informal conversation with people from the English-speaking world about the most common, necessary topics.
Intensive English courses with native speakers are available for all ages from the age of 18.

If you are not sure if the one-to-one (1-1) program is ideal for you, try out the chat program “I speak just a little and I want more“. Participants in this course talk with a native speaker in groups of two (system 2-1). Take a friend, husband or partner with you and meet new English-speaking friends together and “loose the barrier” in an English conversation. At least the barriers to conversation in English will lose everyone!

We always leave Prague by our own bus to the venue.
Do not hesitate to join us right now!

+420 730 519 159
Your ENGLISHstay Team

  • Conversation only in English language.
  • Explore the Golden Prague with English.
  • 6 days 70 hours in English in quality Czech hotels.
  • One on one sessions with English speaking speakers.
  • One lucturer/one student = 100% intensive and individual approach.

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