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What is ENGLISHstay?


Individual English language program with a native English speaking speakers.


Do you start learning English again, again, again? Or do you attend language courses, but you still have not the level which you want? Do you need to improve your communication skills in English?

The answer for you is ENGLISHstay – English in a week with English speaking native speakers.

We offer the first program of its kind in the Czech Republic. Its originality lies in individual continuous contact with native speakers speaking English only. We will enable you to learn how to communicate in English in the most natural way.

 ENGLISHstay is an intensive language stay where you can speak only in English. For 6 days (70 hours), you will stay in contact with native speakers from around the world. You will gain confidence by listening to English from all around the world. And thanks to your chosen themes you will learn to communicate naturally in English. It does not matter whether you need English in your work life or for traveling abroad. Our dear native speakers are ready to be dedicated to you throughout your stay and help you reach your goals.

 ENGLISHstay will provide you with 70 hours of individual lessons with native speakers within 6 days. This unique program is fully tailored to your needs and you will  get 100% attention from English-speaking speakers.

Our program is not built on the standard classroom system. We will not use textbooks or listen to the teacher at the board during the entire language period. The uniqueness of each lesson consists in communicating and listening to English in individual sessions and joint activities.

Let us summarize:


  • You will not have time, to speak other thank English.
  • Individual concersation with English-speaking native speakers.
  • Everyday listening to a British, Australian, Irish, or American accent.
  • You can specify topics for conversation with a native speaker yourself.


Join us now. You will not regret it!

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