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English in a week

One week language program

You do not need to travel to Great Britain, Ireland or Malta. We bring the English speaking native speakers here to the Czech Republic. Try improving you English in our English language program in one week without spending boring hours in the school.

The intensive English conversation program is conducted in a 1-1 system, so one native speaker in period with one participant. Our language programs are in 6 days and include over 70 hours of English communication with our dear lecturers from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and Ireland.

If you are not sure if the 1-1 program is ideal for you, try out our new program I speak just a little and I want more 2-1. Participants in this program are talking with a native speaker in group of 2 (system 2-1). Take a friend, husband or partner with you meet new friends together and “lose barriers” in an English conversation.

Experience unforgettable moments in a pleasant hotel, where you will be provided with facilities for learning English, single room accommodation, full board and especially a lot of entertainment and social activities. The price of our language stay includes the transportation back and forth. A little educational surprise awaits you.


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  • 70 hours of English conversation in one week
  • Individual lessons focusing on your English speaking, thinking and writing.
  • Talking about practical life situations and topics
  • You are choosing the topics for the interview yourself
  • Conversation in English is not limited to teaching time. Native speakers are with you throughout your whole program.

Foreign language course

  • 22 -26 hours in a week
  • 12 – 14 members of group
  • Emhasis is placed on grammas and vocabulary with limited possibility of individual cobversation.
  • You spend free time with classmates of your nationality

Teaching foreign language in large groups usually does not provide adequate opportunities for individual speech during lessons. This type of teaching does not offer participants an intense preparation for the daily use of English.

The disadvantage of a foreign language program is the fact that you spend time with students who are not speaking English as their native language. And you can only listen to the accent of the region in which the program takes place.

ENGLISHstay brings a program that will create a unique environment for English-speaking teachers who use their language as a native speakers. English thinks, English speaks, English writes. That’s what we are going to do. Draw the atmosphere, experience, language, accents, and all that can be used in different situations. During our language stay, we are not focused only on grammar but also on the practical use of English in all its forms. During our language stays, the participants spend 13-15 hours a day with conversations with native speakers. We will transfer you to the English-speaking world and this will improve your grammar knowledge.

For our courses, we carefully select teachers from different regions of the world with different dialects so that all participants can listen to the American, Australian, British, Irish or Scottish accent.

ENGLISHstay is not a language school. Our goal is to create the most diverse interaction amongst all participants. Our program is more than just a language course. This is a cultural and social event that enables different people from different countries of the world with different social and cultural customs to interact.

During the entire stay, we all speak English. Using a non-English language is forbidden and a penalty will be given. :-)))
Thanks to that, thinking in your native language will soon be switched to thinking in English. And then, you get knowledge even faster.

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