Hana, Australia, February 2022 | ENGLISHstay

Dear English Stay Team, The Tabor course was great because Hotel Gold is a great hotel. The 1-to-1 lessons are good to speak with students and some students require more practice after the course because they initially get used to speaking English during 6 days. It’s good when students ask about vocabulary and how a phrase or sentence is pronounced. I think that Czech students are great at English grammar – Better than me, so I should practice grammar before I come to the course 😂 Otherwise, the trip to Tábor was enjoyable with tour guide and being social in Havana bar. I think perhaps some group activities could be different as they are the same from previous program I attended in Bitov. I enjoyed myself speaking and meeting both native speakers and Czech and Slovak students. I will recommend the course to others for sure.

Hana ☺️